Susan DiPaolo

Office Manager

Office Manager

Susan has over 30 years of administrative experience with a distinct drive for workplace excellence. Therefore, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as the Office Manager and Senior Executive Assistant at RRBB. She provides highly focused support to six partners and 15 accountants within the Audit Department. Susan is the firm’s primary point of contact and administrative process expert. She also manages the activities of five administrative specialists. During her 19 years at RRBB, Susan has skillfully implemented various effective administrative procedures and training — including the editing and review of the employee handbook and quality control manuals. She excels in effective communication and outstanding attention to detail with a proactive mindset.

Business Support

As the primary business support professional, Susan delivers meticulously detailed documents for all firm correspondence and reports. In addition to ensuring 100% accuracy of financial statements from initial production to completion, she assists in the processing and filing individual, business, estate, trust, and informational tax returns. A trusted RRBB employee, Susan serves as the “gatekeeper” for complex administrative and tracking processes for the audit department’s financial statement engagement log. Her commitment to administering practical workflows is demonstrated in creating a detailed, cross-functional process for logging, maintaining, and tracking all financial statements.

Overseeing the onboarding process for new employees, Susan is actively engaged in the interviewing and hiring process for new administrative staff. A passionate advocate for individual training and advancement, she is an ally to junior staff members. Susan provides needed direction while empowering self-motivation and excellence in others. For example, she facilitates staff member training on Microsoft Word and CaseWare by providing clear, precise instructions for each program application. Additionally, Susan serves as the internal benefits administrator for RRBB, liaising between staff members and the benefits broker.

Focused Service

Susan’s deep commitment to exceptional service is showcased in every client interaction. She has a background in various industries, including law, advertising/marketing, and the airline industry. This has elevated her unique skillset, arming her with a natural flair for organization and keen problem-solving abilities. As an empath, Susan treats every client inquiry with thoughtfulness, discretion, and consistency for a personalized experience.

When she is not working with clients or staff, Susan enjoys the outdoors and keeps active by exercising, walking, and cycling. She is currently taking classes and studying to learn American Sign Language (ASL). Be sure to ask about her experiences living in sunny Hawaii and St. Croix!


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