RRBB currently services a broad range of publicly-held companies, private companies in a wide spectrum of industries, and non-profit organizations and individuals, who have specialized financial and accounting needs. Whether your needs include developing a strategic plan to accomplish the future goals of your company, obtaining assistance in assembling a marketing plan, or determining the cost of manufacturing your product, RRBB can provide the hands-on assistance you need.

Industries RRBB Services

While RRBB is comfortable with several types of business or enterprise, our partners and professional staff offer specialized experience and knowledge with the unique needs of firms in the following areas:

  • Advertising and Communications Firms
  • Biotech
  • Chemical Industries
  • Distribution
  • Environmental Services
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Information Technology and Automation
  • Law Firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Professional Associations
  • Professional Practices – Doctor/Dentist/Veterinary
  • Real Estate Developers/Building Management/Construction Industries
  • Retail Industry
  • Software Companies
  • Staffing/Employment Organizations
  • Transportation Industry
  • Travel Agencies
  • Unions
  • Waste Management Services

Services For Businesses

The breadth of services we provide ranges from general accounting to audit, tax planning and preparation, business consulting, financial planning, and more. Thus, our accountants and advisors help decision-makers evaluate key business components, major process changes, and the merit of potential acquisitions. Further, our seasoned consulting professionals can act as objective sounding boards, offer professional guidance, and provide research assistance where appropriate.

“RRBB” is the brand name under which Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman, P.A. and RRBB Advisors, LLC, and its subsidiary entities, including CFO Financial Partners LLC, provide professional services. Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman, P.A. and RRBB Advisors, LLC (and its subsidiary entities) practice as an alternative practice structure in accordance with the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and applicable laws, regulations, and professional standards. Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman, P.A. is a licensed independent CPA firm that provides attest services to its clients, and RRBB Advisors, LLC, and its subsidiary entities provide tax and business consulting services to their clients. RRBB Advisors, LLC, and its subsidiary entities are not licensed CPA firms.

Valuation and Litigation Support

RRBB also provides a broad range of litigation support services offered by our experienced and accredited staff. Whether it’s business valuations, fraud investigations, or forensic services, our team of experienced professionals will investigate the details.

We have been in public accounting, delivering high-quality accounting and advisory services for over 60 years and have experts with vast experience in many disciplines. Therefore, we can be your one source for many resources. Although a small, boutique firm, RRBB is well-equipped to handle local, national, and global clients like any other larger accounting, advisory, or consulting firm. The difference is that we can provide our clients with the attention they deserve – and we are dedicated to doing so consistently, because we care. Meaning, we provide responsive, quality service at reasonable rates.

We are here to help any small to mid-market public or private company looking for proactive advice needed to remain compliant with fiscal responsibilities, while also adding value to their financial position. Contact our RRBB accountants and advisors today. We look forward to hearing from you!