RRBB Creates Women’s Forum

RRBB is proud to announce the inauguration of its Women’s Forum.

“It’s important for us women to support each other. Especially for working mothers, juggling the work-life balance can be tough. It’s nice that, at RRBB, we can push each other in a positive way, and hopefully break barriers for the next generation of women in business,” said Jacqueline Engelsman, RRBB’s Director of Marketing and Business Development, who implemented the initiative.

Dave Roth, Managing Partner and CEO of the firm, also commented, stating that “Management is thrilled to create this opportunity for our team. We want them to know that they are seen, heard, and valued.”

About the RRBB Women’s Forum

The RRBB Women’s Forum will meet once a quarter and include the female staff and employees at all levels. With the help and support of the partners and female leadership, Jacqueline aims to provide a platform for all the women at RRBB to speak openly about their successes and challenges.

About RRBB’s Commitment to DEIB+C

Fostering and upholding an inclusive workplace is a fundamental component of the culture at RRBB and one of our basic values. The firm is mindful of the considerable benefits a diverse workplace has for its growth and success. RRBB and its clients benefit from a diverse workplace where individuals from different backgrounds with unique experiences can provide creative perspectives. Therefore, it is the firm’s collective mission to foster a vibrant, welcoming environment for all in order to achieve the best for our people and clients. This goal is reflected in recruitment efforts, work-life balance policies, and participation in various professional affiliations and community service initiatives. Some examples of how this is practiced daily include encouraging open communication, supporting autonomy and decision-making, investing in training and development, prioritizing mental and physical health, and providing team bonding activities.


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