Local Firms Join Forces with RRBB to Provide Clients Greater Resources

Effective immediately, Zucker & Associates, LLP and CFO Partners, both of Morganville, New Jersey have joined forces with RRBB of Somerset and Maplewood. Brian Zucker, CPA will be joining RRBB as Partner and will be on the Board of Directors and Lee M. Reingold has been named Director of CFO Services.

With the new additions, RRBB has grown to 10 partners in 2 offices with over 50 employees. In addition, they have created a new entity, CFO Financial Partners LLC. CFO Financial Partners LLC will focus on meeting the financial operations needs of hedge funds, public companies and broker dealers wishing to outsource their back office operations.

“The merger adds a new dimension to RRBB by adding a division to focus on companies wishing to outsource their back-office operations. We are thrilled about the synergies that this opportunity brings us.”

David Roth, Managing Partner RRBB


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