RRBB Promotes From Within and Expands Talent Globally

RRBB is pleased to announce its continued growth by promoting from within and strategically hiring people both in-house and remotely. In addition, the firm welcomes qualified professionals from the Philippines to increase its workforce and embrace global talent.

“We hire very smart, out-of-the-box thinkers, and we train them to be good communicators, good listeners, and strategic businesspeople. RRBB is in the perfect spot in terms of our size and our skills. We’re proud of our team’s performance,” said Dave Roth, Managing Partner and CEO of the firm.

Promoting From Within

The RRBB team continues to uphold its commitment to cultivating and elevating talent by establishing a progressive, collaborative environment with a sincere family feel. The firm’s main values include promoting long-lasting relationships and encouraging professional advancement. Opportunities for skill development, deep understanding, and expertise development offered by RRBB ensure that the path to professional achievement is exemplified by constant progress and fulfillment. Because the firm provides thorough mentoring, practical training, active community service engagement, and enriching company activities, each person can reach the pinnacle of their career objectives.

RRBB is excited to further the development of the following exceptional people:

  • Vanessa Beazer, Manager – Assurance Department
  • Dan Bergin, Supervisor – Assurance Department
  • Willie Landaverde, Manager – Assurance Department
  • Kirby Marron, Senior Accountant – Assurance Department
  • Brian McCarthy, Supervisor – Tax Department
  • Stephen McSweeney, Manager – Assurance Department
  • John Sheedy, Senior Accountant – Assurance Department
  • Lily Soares, Manager – Assurance Department
  • Nicolette Tonks, Supervisor – Assurance Department

Expanding Globally

The pursuit of outstanding talent is consistent with RRBB’s dedication to excellence. The firm aggressively searches out energetic people with a never-ending desire to learn and a fierce commitment to their profession. Therefore, RRBB is happy to introduce its newest team members, which include:

  • Romano Albino, Manager – Assurance Department
  • Tim Becker, Staff Accountant – Assurance Department
  • Jack Dailey, Staff Accountant – Assurance Department
  • Mary Grace Esteban, Senior Accountant – Assurance Department
  • John Harvey, Supervisor – Assurance Department
  • Jam Laguardia, Senior Accountant – Assurance Department
  • Joe Messing, Staff Accountant – Assurance Department
  • Tinney Paculaba, Senior Accountant – Assurance Department

The choice to hire remote workers from the Philippines promotes a more inclusive work environment and brings new talent and talents to the organization. Hiring remote workers also gives RRBB access to a larger talent pool with specific talents that align with the organization’s vision and goals, in addition to encouraging diversity and inclusivity. By supporting remote work, RRBB can develop a versatile and adaptable workforce that can meet the dynamic demands of its clients.

DISCLAIMER: “RRBB” is the brand name under which Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman P.A. and RRBB Advisors, LLC, and its subsidiary entities, including CFO Financial Partners LLC, provide professional services. Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman P.A. and RRBB Advisors, LLC (and its subsidiary entities) practice as an alternative practice structure in accordance with the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and applicable laws, regulations, and professional standards. Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman P.A. is a licensed independent CPA firm that provides attest services to its clients, and RRBB Advisors, LLC, and its subsidiary entities provide tax and business consulting services to their clients. RRBB Advisors, LLC, and its subsidiary entities are not licensed CPA firms.


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