To Our Valued Clients

RRBB has always stood on values of being entrepreneurial and visionary in our thinking – anticipating the future needs and opportunities for our clients and positioning ourselves to be ready to meet these needs with timely solutions, insights, and an innovative approach. We are excited to take another big step forward to focus on the future reimagined not only for our firm and our people, but for you.

RRBB is pleased to announce our restructuring in which we will continue to conduct our attest practice through our existing firm, Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman, P.A. (“RRBB PA”); however, we are transferring our non-attest assets and services, such as tax, consulting, and other services (including services provided by CFO Financial Partners LLC), to a new entity, RRBB Advisors, LLC (“RRBB Advisors”). Accordingly, any engagement letters or services agreements between you and RRBB PA for audit or other attest services will remain with RRBB PA. Any engagement letters or services agreements between you and RRBB PA for tax, advisory, or consulting services will be assigned to RRBB Advisors.

As part of audit and attest engagements, RRBB PA will lease professional and administrative staff, both of which are employed by RRBB Advisors, to support RRBB PA’s performance of those engagements. These leased individuals will be under the direct control and supervision of RRBB PA, which is solely responsible for the professional performance of audit and attest engagements.

As part of this restructuring, our partners have teamed with Crete Professionals Alliance to provide additional resources to both RRBB PA and RRBB Advisors, operating under the brand name, RRBB. This restructuring will further cement our mission to keep a client-centric mindset in all we do to ensure we are able to stay ahead of the unprecedented business changes this environment brings. We believe with this restructuring, RRBB is better positioned than ever to deliver excellent client service.

RRBB will remain focused, as we have for more than 60 years, on what counts – you. Our investment in long-term relationships and a dedicated, integrated approach to client service remains stronger than ever. Your team relationships and interpersonal experience with RRBB will not change. We believe that you will have access to significant additional resources and a deeper bench of expertise in consulting, advisory, and industry matters as we grow long into the future.

RRBB Advisors will maintain custody of all our files. Both RRBB PA and RRBB Advisors will comply with the same confidentiality obligations with respect to your confidential information. RRBB PA is and remains a licensed CPA firm. RRBB Advisors, which is not a licensed CPA firm, will be owned by the partners of RRBB and Crete Professionals Alliance. Please let us know immediately if you have any objection to such transfer of your files. If we do not receive any such objections within ninety (90) days from the date hereof, we will presume you have no such objections.

Note that we will also share certain of your information with Crete Professionals Alliance to assist in the administration of our practice and to monitor for compliance with applicable independence rules.

We are thrilled at the impact this next step will provide to help bring you solutions, insights, and tools to maximize your vision and accomplish your business and personal goals.

Please feel free to reach out to your RRBB relationship partner with any questions.

The Partners and Managing Members of RRBB


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