RRBB Accountants and Advisors Recognized for Valuation Services

CFO Tech Outlook featured RRBB Accountants and Advisors in its “Top 10 Business Valuation Services Companies” for 2022. The valuation edition went to print on March 15, 2022. “We are glad to announce RRBB Accountants and Advisors as one of the ‘Top 10 Business Valuation Services Companies 2022.’ RRBB Accountants and Advisors, which assists its clients in conducting the valuation for various scenarios–mergers and acquisitions, gift and estate planning, divorce, and employee stock ownership, has the capability to revolutionize the present and future of business valuation,” said Sarah Dawson, Managing Editor of CFO Tech Outlook. Dave Roth, Managing Partner and CEO of RRBB, commented that “[w]e are much more than a valuation services company. That’s what puts us at the top.”

CFO Tech Outlook’s Top 10

The “Top 10 Business Valuation Services Companies” listing aims to provide its readership with a list of frontrunners in the market to help them choose the company that best fits their needs. The companies receiving this honorable recognition exhibit whom the evaluation panel feels their readers would take comfort in doing business with. Those included are unique players who can be an answer to several challenges that the ecosystem faces today. The evaluation process followed a decision model that combined standard multiple-criteria decision analysis methods and peers’ recommendations. Initially, magazinesubscribers nominated companies they believe are at the forefront of tackling pressing problems regarding valuation services and solutions. They also included companies they would recommend to their peers. Then, a market research team vetted the subscribers’ nominations and added more qualified companies. The research team actively tracked the companies through various sources. This included market reports, industry news, social media, and surveys with potential buyers. Lastly, an evaluation panel consisting of senior finance executives and editorial board members made the final decision. To view the digital issue, visit cfotechoutlook.com.

RRBB Valuation Services

There are many reasons to complete a business valuation. Our staff is accredited in business valuation and assists with business valuations for any number of circumstances. Some circumstances include divorce, gift and estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, business dissolutions, buy/sell agreements, and employee stock ownership. For example, before a couple going through a divorce can negotiate a settlement, a thorough understanding of the value of the marital assets, liabilities, income, and expense are needed to determine equitable distribution and support. Attorneys often bring us in to help in those functions. In addition, RRBB has led many of our clients through mergers and acquisitions to achieve its highest value. We manage the entire sales process with the clients’ desires and best interest in mid. We also have the financial background and expertise to deal with complex business situations while remaining sensitive to the human aspects of the planning process.


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